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Small Purchases Make a Large Difference

Small Purchases Make a Large Difference

As we emerge from lockdown, the world is looking a little different and so too is our attitudes toward how life will look from here on in. It seems we have had time for some deep reflection in this unprecedented pause from our frantically busy lives. For many of us,...

The Environmental Effects

The Environmental Effects

As you sit around your breakfast table and procrastinate over the move you will have to consider making to get to work on time, you look for other distractions to stall the inevitable. Somehow you find yourself drawn to begin reading the back of the peanut butter jar,...

Why manufacture in Australia

Why manufacture in Australia

Today we are going to tell you a little story about two friends who live in the ‘burbs of Sydney. This is a story about two Aussies who are not too dissimilar to you or me. Meet Shazza. Shazza is a proud employee for a long-standing Aussie owned and operated family...

Ethical Factors

Ethical Factors

We have all heard the ethical buzz-words that get thrown around; sustainably sourced, ethically made, fair trade, vegan, organic, zero-waste, cruelty-free.  But what do they REALLY mean and which ones should we focus on?  We will be taking a deep dive into ethical...

Our Story

Bonza was created out of the turbulent times of 2020. For many Australian communities this meant starting the year in a severe drought and soon to follow was the devastating effects of the bush fire season that savaged the country affecting more than 27 million acres of bush, forest and farmland.

Within weeks of the final containment of the fires, the worldwide pandemic, Covid-19, hit our shores, and put a halt on all business and for many of us, life itself.

We are Aussie Battlers! Bonza was created out of this chaos, recognising the dire need to support local manufacturing and back home-grown businesses. Generating and sustaining trade within our national economy.

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Bonza is an online platform that allows for business to be heard, seen and recognized for their efforts towards supporting Australian made and owned, with the assistance of the Bonza tick.

We aim to facilitate a connection between consumers, manufactures and sellers. Your advocate for in Australian business, supporting and promoting all things Australian.

How you can help as a customer?

So you want to create great change to this unique and vast land we call Australia, well lucky for you we have created some small’s steps that can turn into big changes.

As a consumer we have a responsibility to set a mindful demand that takes into account aspects of the environment, ethics and economy. It is upon us to take accountability and make smart purchasing decisions for a stronger Australia.

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Meet the founders

As dynamic as the ever-changing economic climate we find ourselves in, Kristin and Matthew are dedicated to the cause in educating consumers around the importance of supporting local and increasing the demand for Australian businesses who proudly create their products right here on our own soil.
Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller

Co-Founder of Bonza & Australian Artist

Co-founder and Director, Kristin Miller was born and raised on the South East Coast of Queensland, Australia. She takes great pride in her country and has a major passion for helping others, the environment and wildlife around her. Kristin comes from a small business background as an Artist creating paintings inspired by Australia’s stunning coastlines and scenery. It is through this experience she has gained a deeper appreciation for the creativity of others and the importance of supporting local businesses.

The Bonza concept was born from this deep desire to build a community that will not only support our mates in business, but also to create a movement of conscious consumers, through educating others on the impact of their spending decisions, especially in times like these.

Matthew Elliott

Matthew Elliott

Co-Founder of Bonza & Electrical Tradesman

Co-founder, Matthew Elliott is a patriotic tradie, born in Newcastle, NSW and later grew up in South East, Queensland. Like many Aussies, Matthew loves the great outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking, climbing – anything to get him out into the beautiful country we call home! With a practical trade behind him and a passion for critical thinking, this background led him to the Bonza concept. Upon witnessing the hardships many Australian’s are facing, Matthew has worked conscientiously alongside Kristin to develop a platform that will change the way consumers perceive the impact of their dollar today.

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If you business is proudly Australian owned and your products are manufactured in this great country of ours, we’d love to hear from you!

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