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Our Story


Bonza is the creation from two young Australians who love their country and want to see it flourish. The people, just like the landscape within it that is subjected to droughts, floods and fires, are stoic and bounce back in times of adversity. 2020 has been a challenging year for most and it has brought to the forefront the dire need for Australians to focus their energy on building a more self-sufficient and resilient country. Re-building what was once a booming manufacturing industry. Bonza was created to drive Australians to stop, think and be the change they wish to create.

Bonza is a concept borne from Australians for Australians. Looking to build a lasting connection between the consumer, the seller and the manufacturer, on a platform that is accessible to everyone. Encompassing the attributes of quality and excellence, Bonza celebrates true blue Australian craftsmanship through an online platform that ensures consumer confidence when seeking out Australian made and owned products.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to consolidate an increasing movement towards the importance of purchasing Australian made and owned. To provide a platform for Australians to learn, buy and build with utmost confidence and convenience.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a recognised and trusted community organisation that facilitates a connection between Australians and Australian manufacturers and sellers. An advocate for Australian Business, Industry and Community.”

Our Values


We value Australia, its land and all of its inhabitants.


We value community small and large and the role it plays in the everyday lives of Australians.

A Strong Economy

We value a resilient and self-sufficient nation and the business’ big and small within it.

The Conscious Consumer

We value the rights of the consumer to have the freedom to make informed, educated purchasing decisions.


We value the need for Australian Made and owned products to be readily available and easily accessible.


We value transparency, consistency and authenticity enabling consumers to shop with confidence and suppliers to entrust us with their products.


We value the quality synonymous with Australian made.

Meet The Creators

As dynamic as the ever-changing economic climate we find ourselves in, Kristin and Matthew are dedicated to the cause in educating consumers around the importance of supporting local and increasing the demand for Australian businesses who proudly create their products right here on our own soil.
Kristin Miller

Co-Founder of Bonza & Australian Artist

Co-founder and Director, Kristin Miller was born and raised on the South East Coast of Queensland, Australia. She takes great pride in her country and has a major passion for helping others, the environment and wildlife around her. Kristin comes from a small business background as an Artist creating paintings inspired by Australia’s stunning coastlines and scenery. It is through this experience she has gained a deeper appreciation for the creativity of others and the importance of supporting local businesses.

The Bonza concept was born from this deep desire to build a community that will not only support our mates in business, but also to create a movement of conscious buyers, through educating others on the impact of their spending decisions, especially in times like these.

Matthew Elliott

Co-Founder of Bonza & Electrical Tradesman

Co-founder, Matthew Elliott is a proud tradie, born in Newcastle, NSW and later growing up in South East Queensland. Like many Aussies, Matthew loves the great outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking, climbing – anything to get him out into the beautiful country we call home! With a practical trade behind him and a passion for critical thinking, this background led him to the Bonza concept. Upon witnessing the hardships many Australian’s are facing, Matthew has worked conscientiously alongside Kristin to develop a platform that will change the way consumers perceive the impact of their dollar today.

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