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Bonza is a community for all Australians. For Australian’s looking to support their country by purchasing Australian Made and Owned and for Australian Businesses seeking to gain the recognition and support they deserve. It is a place to connect, learn and grown for a stronger Australia. Join the movement dedicated to achieving real change.

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We all have a responsibility to create a mindful demand, which in turn can improve our nation’s environment, economy and community. It is upon us to take accountability and make conscious purchasing decisions for a stronger and more prosperous Australia.

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We are working on a platform that will allow your business to be heard and seen in a way like never before!

We praise you and commend your efforts toward being Aussie made and owned. We want to help your business grow. Let us shine the spotlight on you and give your business the recognition it deserves.

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Ethical Factors

Ethical Factors

We have all heard the ethical buzz-words that get thrown around; sustainably sourced, ethically made, fair trade, vegan, organic, zero-waste, cruelty-free.  But what do they REALLY mean and which ones should we focus on?  We will be taking a deep dive into ethical issues facing businesses in...

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Why manufacture in Australia

Why manufacture in Australia

Today we are going to tell you a little story about two friends who live in the ‘burbs of Sydney. This is a story about two Aussies who are not too dissimilar to you or me. Meet Shazza. Shazza is a proud employee for a long-standing Aussie owned and operated family business who specialize in...

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The Environmental Effects

The Environmental Effects

As you sit around your breakfast table and procrastinate over the move you will have to consider making to get to work on time, you look for other distractions to stall the inevitable. Somehow you find yourself drawn to begin reading the back of the peanut butter jar, then the jam jar and before...

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